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Love to travel?  But the airport waits can be long and boring?   Then carry a pen, pencil and a few plain artist trading cards and Zentangle the time away.  Not only is Zentangle easy and fun, but is a meditative practice as well and can be done anywhere.  Anyone can do it as long as you can hold a pen and draw/write a i, c, s and o.    All patterns are broken down into one stroke at a time.  Want to learn this interesting process, contact me as I am a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) and would be happy to show you how it is done.   I always have my zentangle kit with me, so I never get bored waiting with nothing to do.  Try it, it's fun and a great stress reliever too!  I'll be doing a traveling with Zentangle Experience seminar on an upcoming cruise next April (2019) so join us on this cruise and learn more.




Smiles & Tips from your Travel Specialists.

As a CZT (Certified Zentangle Teacher) I am always playing with new designs and tidbits.  The Zengem in this 3Z tile was done with some colored pencils.  Alway fun to try new things on a trip. 


As a crafter and artist, I have lots of fun experiences teaching folks to have fun and be creative.  As a recent Certified Zentangle Teacher, I have found the perfect craft/hobby and stress reliever to travel with.  I'd love to share this wonderful meditative art with all our travel clients and friends.  Join us on a cruise or trip and you will get an extra benifit of a CZT lesson or two on the journey.

Smiles & Tips from your Travel Specialists.

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